Long Term Care

Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center offers a traditional long term care for the  patient that can no longer take care of their activities of daily living by themselves.  When a person can no longer dress themselves, toilet themselves, clean themselves, the nursing home is the best setting.

Many times residents are able to improve themselves and gain some of their independence.  While in long term care the residents can also qualify for therapies under Medicare Part B.  Many residents are placed on a restorative program which is administered by nursing aides.  The restorative program is customized to each individual and is designed to maintain each individual to their highest potential.

The center point to the long term care is the activities program.  The activities program consists of a combination of individual and group activities that help to hone each individuals physical and mental faculties.  This is done with social activities, spiritual activities, group outings and contests.

Families are encouraged to participate.  Many outside groups such as church groups and school groups sometimes participate.

Some of the amenities available at Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center are:

  • Wireless Internet access throughout the building
  • Web cam access for residents to communicate with far away families
  • Wheel chair accessible van
  • Frequent outings to eat, fish or to the casino
  • Wii and other entertainment for residents or visitors   
  • Church services
  • A variety of activities to challenge various levels of participation
  • Recently remodeled beauty shop
  • Congregate Meals and Meals On Wheels
  • Medical Clinic adjacent to the nursing home

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