Skilled Nursing

Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center offers Skilled Level of care for those that qualify.  Skilled care is designed to provide rehabilitation for the patient to eventually return home or transfer to a level of care where the resident can resume their life as independent as possible.

With Skilled Care, the patient must spend at least three nights in a hospital setting.  The patient is then transferred to the nursing home where a team of therapists, working with the patients physician, draw up a plan to rehabilitate the patient to his/her fullest potential.  Examples of skilled care would be to help restore a patient to their fullest potential after a stroke, heart attack or hip surgery.

The three most common therapies offered in skilled care are Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.  Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center offers all three of these therapies.  Medicare will cover most or in some cases all of the skilled care costs if the patient qualifies for Medicare Part A.

Physical Therapy is provided to train a patient how to stand, sit, and walk after a hip surgery.  It is also used to build back muscle strength  or learn how to ambulate after a stroke.  Physical Therapy is provided by a Physical Therapist under the direction of a Therapy Assistant.

Occupational Therapy is the training to teach a patient how to do activities of daily living after a stroke or surgery.  Many times a patient has to be taught how to dress themselves or tie their shoes.  Sometimes special equipment has to be added so a patient can help themselves dress or eat.

Speech Therapy is the training of a patient how to speak or eat after a stroke. 

When a patient has advanced to the level that they can return to their home, the therapies can continue on an outpatient basis.

These are only a few examples of the therapies that Riceville Family Care & Therapy  Center have to offer.  For more information, contact the Therapy Department at 641.985.2626.

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