Skilled Nursing

Skilled Rehabilitation Services

Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center, offers Skilled Rehabilitation Services for anyone following a surgery, or critical illness.  Skilled care, at Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center is thoughtfully, and personally designed, to provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies as well as, rehabilitation that meets your goals, whether they be to eventually return home, or to transfer to a level of care where the resident can resume their life as independently as possible.
We offer superb therapy services contracted through Northern Iowa Therapy, now known as NIT.  NIT has over 25 years of experience, and offers a full-service therapy business, with 150+ employees in 17 counties and 40 locations.  We are very glad to be able to partner with NIT to offer quality service, for all your therapy needs at Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center.  
We accept Medicare payment for skilled stays, or private pay.  Please check with our Business Office to discuss how we can meet your Skilled Rehabilitation and Recovery needs and discuss how to ensure your insurance works for you!   
Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center, offers compassion, support, and years of experience in helping you reach your full potential!                                                                                                                                   
Medicare will cover most, or in some cases, all of the skilled care costs, if the patient qualifies for Medicare Part A.  Post-surgery, or following a hospitalization,  Medicare requires a 3-night hospital stay to qualify the insured for a skilled rehabilitation stay.  

Physical Therapy is provided to train a patient how to stand, sit, and walk after a hip or knee surgery.  It is also used to rebuild muscle strength, or learn how to ambulate and walk, after a stroke or severe illness.  Physical Therapy is planned, overseen, and assessed by a licensed Physical Therapist, who works with a Therapy Assistant, to deliver care and encouragement.

Occupational Therapy is the training to teach a patient how to do activities of daily living after a stroke, critical illness, or surgery.  Many times, a patient has to be taught how to dress themselves, use their kitchen again to make a meal, or tie their shoes, within the boundaries of their new health status.  Sometimes adaptive equipment may have to be used so a patient can help themselves dress, or eat.  Occupational therapy is a big part of returning to your own home, and doing all the things you love!
Speech Therapy is the training of a patient how to speak, or eat, after a stroke or injury, or helping to address issues with speech, or swallowing, that may have gradually become more difficult. 
When you stay with Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center, you let us take care of you, while you work hard at getting better!  The familiar and friendly staff will assist you in reaching your highest possible potential, through your therapy and rehabilitation!
These are only a few examples of the therapies that Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center have to offer.  For more information, contact us at 641.985.2606.