Long Term Care

Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center offers traditional long term care, for the person that no longer feels confident, or safe living alone. 

When a person has trouble, is in need of a helping hand, or is unsure when getting dressed, has difficulty walking unassisted, has a hard time making their own meals, or remembering to take medications, the Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center’s long-term care is an option to explore.  We have dedicated, caring staff to assist with everyday tasks and chores, to make life enjoyable again!

Many times residents are able to improve, and regain some of their independence.  While in long term care, residents may also qualify for therapies under Medicare Part B.  Many residents are placed on a restorative therapy program, which is administered by Certified Nursing Aides.  These restorative programs are customized to each individual, and designed to assist each person to their highest potential.
In addition to tasty, nutritious meals, safe and clean surroundings,  full laundry services, and complete worry-free maintenance of home, appliances, and grounds, we offer a full, and engaging activities calendar of events.  This ensures social opportunities, and stimulating activities, to help each person feel connected and fulfilled!
Families are encouraged to participate in life at Riceville.  Many outside groups such as church groups, and school groups, sometimes participate, and volunteer in our activity programs.  If you have a talent, knowledge to share, or a fun presentation to share, please call us to coordinate!  We’d love to have you join us!
Some of the Features and amenities available at Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center are:

  • Wireless Internet access throughout the building
  • Cable TV provided
  • Web cam access for residents to communicate with far away families
  • Wheel chair accessible van, and multi-passenger Paratransit Coach!
  • Frequent outings to eat, go fishing, or to the casino!
  • Wii play system available
  • Church services on-site
  • A variety of activities to encourage various levels of participation
  • On-site Beauty Shop
  • Aviary and aquarium
  • Podiatrist, Hearing Specialist, Therapy, Psychiatrist visits on-site
  • Hospice Suite available
  • 24-hour security
  • Rural Setting with Natural Beauty
  • Large Gazebo for gatherings
  • Open Dining for breakfast
  • Whirlpool Spa
  • Community Amenities
  • Congregate Meals through the Over 60 Club on-site!
  • and Meals On Wheels delivered to Homes in Riceville City Limits  To reserve a meal, call 641-985-2606 the day before, or by 8 am the day of the meal.
  • Mercy Medical Clinic adjacent to the nursing home