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Honors & Awards

Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center celebrates over 40 years of experience in providing Riceville, and the surrounding area with exceptional nursing care, and therapy services. We continue to be a 4-star rated Nursing Facility by the U.S. Centers for Medicare, and Medicaid Services. 

Our facility has received many awards and honors, including:

·        the Governors Award for Excellence in Health Care

·        Included on the Top 100 Nursing Homes in the US as reported by U.S. News & World Report 

·        Recognition from the Iowa House of Representatives, and the Iowa State Senate for our outstanding 5-star rating


·      The best acknowledgement comes from our happy residents, and satisfied families, current,and past! 

We invite you to join the Riceville Family of Care – Your home away from Home! 

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 Resident Testimonials

Bea Messersmith

In the summer of 2011 I had the occasion to use the services of Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center.  One of my favorite activities was to listen to Tim's (Howland) music.  I would tell my neighbors and friends that "If you can't be at home - this is the most wonderful place to be.  A home away from home!"  The staff was excellent.  I can't say enough good about the wonderful people who took care of me and all of us.

Norma Moore

I enjoyed paddlewheel and many of the other social activities.  The people who came in to play music and sing were very nice.  I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.  The help is caring and want what's best for your welfare.  It's a good place to be.

Loretta Stark

I liked the music but wasn't able to take part in many activities because I was in therapy or I had visitors.  The Riceville Family Care & Therapy Center was a great place to recover from surgery.  The care was wonderful, everyone was so helpful and the meals were good.  The therapy was a big help and speeded up my recovery.  I would recommend coming here to everyone.

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