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November newsletter

Nov 15, 2011

Where does the time go November is 1/2 over and I am just gettitng to this letter. This past Saturday evening we had our Holiday Supper. Everything went great. The weather was perfect so we had a great turn out. Sue and the girls in the kitchen made the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and dressing. Everyone else brought the veggies, salads and desserts. It was great Thank You everyone for sharing your great food with us.
Friday the 11th we honored our Veterans, with a program put on by the Auxilary. They presented our veterans with a gift and we watched a short video. Thank you Earl Grace, Delgene Nicolia, Calvin Linkenmeyer and Clarence Bartels for serving our country.
Coming up this week we will play bingo with Hazel Smith and firends today. Tim's Polka will be here on Friday morning at 10:15 and Auxilary ladies in the afternoon. Next week we will be taking a trip Elma. On wednesday we will have a speaker come to talk to us about turkeys. She is from the Howard County Conservation Office.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! If you are traveling be safe!!
We will be having our Christmas Store again this year, if you would like to donate items to the store I will accept them at any time.
Until next month.....Shelly

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