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September 2011

Sep 7, 2011

Wow can you believe that summer is over and the kids are back to school already? The cool weather is setting in. We've got some birthdays to celebrate this month. The 3rd of September was Sharee's b-day this was not only her birthday but her son got married too. What a great day for her. Then on tuesday the 6th it was Clara's b-day we celebrated with cake and ice cream!! Today the 7th is Clarices' b-day again we will have cake and ice cream. We are also hoping to have a picnic in the gazebo for lunch!!
We have a couple of staff birthdays too. Wednesday the 7th is Gale's b-day, the 21st and the 24th is Susies b-day.
Our entertainment this month is Chester Proctor on the 14th, and Tim Holland is on the 28th.
Keep us in mind if you have any good movies to share with us, movie day is on fridays. Also keep us in mind for the Christmas store again this year!!
Until next month

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