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April 2011 Newsletter

Apr 8, 2011

Happy Spring everyone!!! I think it is finally here to stay!! Our April at Riceville Family Care started out with the flu!! Many got it on April 1st and it wasn't an April Fool. We did post signs and cancel some events just to prevent spreading of the virus!! Hopefully that is all done and we are back to being healthy again!!
We have only 2 residents with birthdays this month. Doc on the 6th and Dolly on the 12th. Happy Birthday to you two!! We have several staff, starting with Sue Norman on the 8th, Dana 9th, Courtney 11th, Shelly 24th, Kirby 26th, and Deb on the 30th.
We have Marlene Braun on the 13th, Country 4 Band on the 16th, Tim's Polka on the 17th and Mark Frana on the 28th for entertainment.
The Riceville Ladies Auxilary will be hosting a Bake Sale on Saturday April the 16th from 8-Noon. Coffee and rolls will be served.
Saturday the 23rd of April at 1:00 the Riceville community Club will be having the Easter Egg Hunt at the Nursing home.
Looking ahead, Our Mothers Day Tea will be Wednesday May the 4th, at 2:30. A light lunch will be served along with a variety of teas. We will also have some piano students performing for us for entertainment. Please RSVP by April 29th to let us know if you will be able to make it.
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