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March 2011

Mar 1, 2011

Lets hope that March comes in like a lamb and stays that way. I think we have had plenty of winter. In fact the week in february that was in the 30's-40's was a big teaser. Wish that weather could have stayed longer.
We celebrated many birthdays in February. We also celebrated Valentines Day by crowning the King and Queen. Congratulations goes out to Queen Mildred Eastman and King Vince Heman.
We will start having lenton Lunches in March, on the 9th, Ash Wednesday. Check the calendar for Menu and who will speak.
We will celebrate Mardi Gras on the 8th, with Jerry Meitner. Then Chester Proctor will be here on the 9th. We will also have a little party on the 17th for St. Patrick's day. Tim's Polka will be here in the morning on the 25th and Kathy will be here on the 30th for Music from the Heart.
Don't forget to change your clock on the 13th, SPRING FORWARD.
Until next month

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