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February Newsletter

Feb 2, 2011

Well we have had a COLD and Snowy start so far to the month of February. Hopefully it will start warming up soon!! The news says that the Groundhog did not see his shadow so spring should be right around the corner. Lets hope he is right!
Tim Howland came to play music on Sunday the 30th of January. We made it into a Luau party. Boy did we have fun!! check out the pictures that are on the website.
We have many birthdays this month check the calendar to see who will be a year older this month.
Make sure you vote for Valentine King and Queen. We will find out the winners on the 14th! The box is at the nurses station. We will have a special Sweetheart Dinner the 11th of February at Noon. This is a special lunch for those who still have there spouse or a special someone to share lunch with.
Just a reminder that the prices for meals went up starting the 1st of February. Breakfast is $3.00, Dinner is $6.00, Supper is $4.00 and Holiday meals are $7.00. Please give the kitchen a 48 hour notice if youa re interested in eating with us.
I need your help: I want to make some find it bottles and need little stuff to put in the bottles. I need things such as marbles, paper clips, beads, erasers, lego pieces, game pieces that can no longer be used etc. any questions please let me know. I appreciate your help.
Until next month~~~~
Watch for pictures from valentines day.

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