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January Newsletter

Jan 14, 2011

Where did December go? what a super busy month we had but it sure was fun! Our christmas store was a huge success again. Thank you to everyone who donated items. We had an awesome christmas party with Santa to hand out gifts. Then to end the year Tim Howland came on the 30th and we had a New Years Party. With Hats and horns it was a ton of fun!!
Now in January, we've taken a small group of residents to Charles City to the Chinese buffet then to KMart to shop. It was alot of fun,everyone was wiped out when we got back.
We played a new game called "Noodle ball", all that we did was hit a balloon with a foam pool noodle. We laughed alot during this game!!
We will have the LeRoy Road band here on the 20th at 10 a.m. and on Sunday the 30th Tim Howland will be here to play his music along with having a Luau, this starts at 2 p.m.
We only have one resident b-day this month Lovene Howland will celebrate her special day on Saturday the 15th.
When you walk down the halls you may notice a bingo card on each door. We are playing everyday bingo. Each day abingo number is called I check each card to see if the residents have this number, if they do it gets an X. If not we go on to the next one. We will play for 3 bingos before the game is over.
Until next month~~~

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