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January 2010

Jan 1, 2010



Wew! December sure was a busy month for us! We had several entertainments, including 1st and 2nd graders visiting. We also had our Christmas Party with Santa. Many of the residents went out with family or maybe tried to go. The weather during Christmas sure did put a stop to a lot of traveling!

Our Christmas Store was a great success. Thank you to everyone that donated items to our store. It is always a lot of fun for the residents to shop for their families. Many of them did just that.

Special Events:

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Welcome to Riceville Family Care:

Stella Wyatt
Bernard & Adeline Lubbert
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Lovene Howland 1/15
Evelyn Eiffler 1/20

Staff: Mary 0 1/2
Jeanetta 1/24
Margaret V. 1/31

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